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Patient care is provided by a team of dedicated and trained home health professionals. All staff members are registered, licensed or certified by the State of Utah for their individual specializations, and are supervised by our home health management team in order to provide you and your loved one with optimal care.

Utah's Professional Home Health Services for Weber, Davis and Morgan counties

Healing At Home

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Measures of Success


SNS has had no regulatory deficiencies since its inception.


SNS enjoys a very low employee turnover and associated continuity of patients care.


Patients that are re-admitted can usually have the same nurse, therapist, and aide that they had previously.


A nurse is on call at SNS 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, to answer your calls and implement required actions in a timely manner.


SNS develops individual care plans for each patient. Care plans become the nurse’s note, which ensures consistency in patient care.


SNS provides 2-3 times more visits-per-episode for clients than other home health agencies.


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"We appreciate the obvious time and effort that SNS has put into identifying and responding to the needs of their clients."  Utah Department of Health Bureau of Licensing


"SNS made my recovery much easier.  It was a very good experience"


"Cindy was a ray of sunshine on some dark days.  She was competent and professional.  She even had some jokes my husband adored."


"We were very pleased with the attitudes and effectiveness of SNS staff."


"Everyone was very skilled in the job they were here to do.  I really missed them when it was over.  Thank you for all the help you did for me."


"Cindy gave great care with a wonderful sense of humor, was always available by phone, and came when not scheduled when needed."

No deficiencies in 16 years of business!

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